Crystals & Stones

Throughout history, cultures all over the world have used gemstones and crystals as talismans, amulets and for healing, meditation, and prayer. 

This page is dedicated to the uses and properties of stones used for centuries in several cultures.



Chakra Collection


Synergy 12 Collection

The Synergy 12 stones are considered to be some of the highest vibration stones and one of the most powerful combination of stones.  This amazing set of stones gives off the most beautiful energy, to help you on your path of positive transformation, spiritual growth and becoming the best possible version of you.  


Truly trans-formative, each stone has unique and recognizable characteristics and when combined as a whole, they work together.  These stones take you on a spiritual journey of self reflection, understanding, correction, and growth in the most loving way.  As you grow, they find new ways to help you and keep you moving forward with purpose! 

Balances and charges your chakras; transmutes negative energy; promotes healing, health, high energy, awareness, transformation, ascension, unity, synchronicity, personal power, love, inspiration, motivation & action, insight, correction of unwanted behaviors, meditation, inner peace & serenity, love, courage, protection, communication, leadership, decisiveness, mental, physical, & emotional clarity.


Want to learn more?  

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-“The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian

-“The Crystal Bible” & “The Encyclopedia do Stones”by Judy Hall


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