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Our story begins in awe of the limitless wonders of nature.  Compelled to create quality jewelry that preserves the natural beauty of natures elements, Serifina Naturals is a way to accessorize your life and soul.

Serifina Naturals mission is to help others rise to their best and highest self by utilizing natural energies & elements of the earth to assist you in meditation and life.  

- - - - - - - - -

Everything is made of energy.  

Let your energy be of peace & love!

Everything has a vibration. 

Choose nothing but good vibes!

Everything gives off a frequency.   

Emit your own frequency & raise it higher!


"I absolutely love these pendants! The quality is great and each pendant is so unique. I can wear mine any day since they match almost everything in my closet. And that is wonderful because I need the stones to help keep my chakras in line!"


"Love the way I feel when I wear my necklace, never want to take it off! Artist handmade it with real sea shells. Such good vibes and positive energy!!"


"I ordered this custom piece from serifina naturals. I am so happy the way this turned out and I absolutely love that I was able to pick out all of my stones and the meanings behind them! It looks beautiful with anything I wear it with and more importantly it represents my little family in a way no other piece of jewelry could do for me thank you so much I am so happy with this purchase!"


"I LOVE these pendants!! I have many... from yoga, sea, pet and life collections  They are very lightweight so they are easy to wear. I wear mine all time, even while working out. I get more compliments on these than on my “expensive” jewelry. They catch people’s attention. I always get asked what’s inside!!! 💕 The stones are so colorful and fun... Grab a ton of these for for everyone on your gift list!!!"

Lisa P

“I am so amazed.  I love this. Everything about it.  Thank you for everything you do. You’re really reasonable with price and working with your buyers and you kept me updated every step of the way.” -Brandon


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